We asked the 5 names that are attached to our lens from the decoration arena with their interior designs and original projects, and asked about the trends of 2019.

The common sense is that people prefer to create spaces that are characterized by their own personal tastes and comfort without being tied to trends. What is the new life habits evolving over time, which changes in the houses, which colors, textures and decoration styles will come up more this year? We leave the word to the gurus.

We are now at a time when life habits change in a positive way. We can say that the use of different functions in living spaces intensified. For this reason, users want their homes to be unique and unique. The search for an original design focuses on increasing the sense of belonging in the space by using more intense forms and colors.

Modern art-deco touches, the spirit of the 60s and 70s, eclectic spaces are among the highlights of recent times. People now prefer more comfortable, comfortable and natural places.

The whole house will be transformed into a workshop, both for physical and mental needs.

Home sports, home cures, family with comfortable and productive living spaces, intertwined with more interactive kitchen and bathroom areas will occur.

In addition to these, networked smart homes make everyday life easier and more efficient for those who want to spend more time for their family and hobbies. Clear and functional decorations are not preferred for these houses.

Actually, I don’t like to follow trends. Many currents come and go. My attention is more focused on object design, and I think that people in general are more concerned with the ease of use with design.

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