Brighten your room with bright color tones.

Add excitement to a neutral space with tempering blue

Although we often think of blue as a relaxing and soothing color, the use of some bright, vibrant tempering blue in the room can stimulate emotions and energize you.

It’s easy to add a vivid blue tone to your current space – this color tone can be used with almost any color, especially with neutral white and gray. What about making small additions of rich blue with home textile products or accessories, such as a cobalt blue rug, an aquamarine lamp, or a pair of warm up blue mattresses?

Create a sensation of warmth with unexpected touches of red

The vivid tones of red, dark red and mulberry color will bring a feeling of energy and excitement to your room, while the dark, matte reds like wine and burgundy will give a feeling of luxury and warmth.

It may be difficult to use bright red correctly in large spaces – the clever way to use this color tone without drowning the room is to use it in small, unexpected places such as inside a wall recess, on shelves or inside wooden cabinets.

It is a great special wall color when used in combination with cooler reds, especially white (all shades), pale pink-grays, and cool, neutral browns.

Say hello to sunny days with a nice yellow

Yellow is a perfect color tone if you are looking for a color that gives you happiness. Lemon, pale green, bright, acidic yellows create wonders to help break a room’s colorlessness, especially when used in unexpected areas such as the window frame, door frame, shelves and bookcases.

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Darker yellows such as mustard and gold look softer than bright yellow to the eye but they are as warm as it is. These rich shades combined with the charcoal gray are truly eye-catching and offer a lively and fresh look when used with bright white.

Feel soothing with fresh, vibrant green

For a fresh and refreshing home all year round, try to add dark green touches such as fern, jungle and ocean green to your neutral color harmony. These vibrant but unpretentious shades are perfect for a soothing sensation in bedrooms, living rooms and children’s rooms.

You may consider adding one or two pieces of lighter shades of green to dense areas such as kitchens with high energy levels. For a vibrant, modern look, mix emerald green with broken white or create a smoother surface by combining various shades of several different greens, such as a pale sea green on the walls and a richer ocean green for accessories.

Inspire creativity with a pinch of orange

A bold, energetic and invigorating color, orange is a vivid color that adds positive energy to any space. When used as a tone, orange goes well with broken whites such as ivory, camel color or cream or orange with darker neutralities like chocolate, slate or gray.

If the thing you’re looking for is vitality, how about using the bright orange and shimmering gold color together to create a bold and dramatic color block effect? It also looks great when used in combination with warm wood shades such as white and oak.