Read our guide for perfectly painted window frames.

When your windows are prepared and lining is thrown, you are ready to paint. Follow our guide for a professional look to learn how to paint your home window frames.

First, check the weather for any precipitation. Newly painted windows should be left open for drying, so we recommend that you start this activity early in the morning so that there is enough time to dry.

How to Paint Tips

  • The window locks and handles must be removed before priming, but if you still have any parts left in your windows, you should remove them or close them with masking tape.
  • If you’re worried about staining the paint on the glass, create a barrier with the tie-off tape along the edges of the glass. Do not worry if you smear the glass with paint. After the paint dries, you can scratch them easily with a scraper (available from the hardware store).
  • You’re ready to paint! We recommend that you start with the glass brackets (the frames that separate and hold the glass plates). First paint the horizontal parts and then move on to the vertical parts.
  • Then go to the rails. The rail is the horizontal frame part at the top and bottom of the window sill – it has grooves holding the window pane. When painting the rails, try to leave as thin a coating as possible between the glass and the frame. This provides sealing to prevent drying of the paste or filler material.
  • Finish the process by painting the window frame and sills. You should paint at least two coats of paint into these sections, so take enough time to dry the previous coat before painting the next one.
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  • After your window frames are completely dry, lock and reinsert your arms, and lean back and admire your work!