Retrostyle decoration that defines the style of past years is a definition used to describe interior decoration influenced by trends and styles from the past.

The difference between retro and vintage definitions is often indistinguishable. We can explain this difference as follows; An object or furniture must be over a hundred years old to be antique. Antique furniture is rare pieces that are hard to find. For a piece to be vintage it does not have to belong to such ancient years, but it must reflect the spirit of certain years. The interesting vintage term has been associated with wine in the past years and is a modified version of the French word vendange, which means İl grapes collected in a season İl.

If we define the word retro; The products are new parts, with a vintage look. We can say the original intention again. In order for a product to be retro, it should not have to be aged, but there should be new decorations and designs that look old.

Choose a Favorite Period in Retro Style

You should choose a period that reflects your style and makes you feel peaceful. Many homeowners want to choose modern furniture from the mid-20th century, roughly from the 1930s to the 1960s. Even though it is still a trend for the 70s and 80s, you should decide which features you like and that it suits your design style. The furniture of every age has the charm, pattern, color, finish and pop culture appeal to each host in a different way. Capture a wonderful and nostalgic trend with new classic-looking furniture.

Seat and Lighting Selection in Retro Style

It is good to say that one of the most important parts that will make your house fit to your retro style is lighting. While you decorate your furniture in a retro style, you can use organic effects, simple form, but effective parts. One of the most remarkable furniture of the 1970s is undoubtedly the lampshades. It would not be wrong to say that it was a sine qua non of the period. Pay attention to the positioning of your chosen lighting. Providing a dim atmosphere inside the house will help you to give the effect you expect.

Retro style in the most elegant way to reflect in your home you can choose the team of berjer. Another detail that attracts our attention in all the period films of the 1970-80 year range is the sets of berjer placed on the windowsill. Nowadays, you can add privilege to your retro style by combining your needed rest area with the barbers. It will be a perfect choice in a separate corner where you can have fun with your family and loved ones. Colorful large pillows that you will put on the floor will expand your comfort area and make the environment look more comfortable.

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Wall Accessories in Retro Style

You can create wonderful wall decorations. Try retro style wallpapers to get rid of a boring wall design, you can mount wall shelves in an impressive way, and create a unique corner with suitable objects. When choosing wallpapers, you should pay attention to your furniture choices in order not to create a color mess, and if possible, make sure that the objects you will place are small. One of the best ways to reflect this beauty is art. To embrace our living space, decorate your walls with your own drawings or the works of the artists you care about. Adorning the walls actually requires a separate art.