If you rented or bought a studio apartment, you now have an important task; Use a room at the same time as living room, bedroom, kitchen and study room. If you do this without adding too much confusion, everything in your studio will be in place!

Well, the studio apartment decoration examples and suggestions below will make it easy to live in a small space, while at the same time you will design a stylish space. If you’re ready, let’s start!

Design a Bedroom Area

When it comes to limited living space, one of the first things that come to mind is “where will I put my things? Sınırlı. You can use the beds that provide storage space to accommodate your bedroom. The drawer panels concealed under the bed and the full-size cabinets mounted on the side of the bed are a stylish and functional product that can be found in the studio apartment decoration.

Use the Right Colors

When we look at the examples of the experts for studio apartment decoration, we see that the different sections are painted with different colours. Painting the sections of the area in different colours creates a distinctive feeling. You can separate the line between the bed area and the living area by using different colours on the wall and ceiling.

Folding Glass Walls

If you have a large studio apartment, it may be a wise choice to use folding panels to separate sections. You can also get help from folding glass panels to avoid showing the space more tight than it is. Thus, the living area, kitchen and bed area will be separated from each other easily.

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Sliding Stairs and Concealable Areas

When you think about it, the sleeping area is used only once a day. For this reason, you can benefit from a ladder that can be opened and closed for other daily activities and a system to hide your bed. For a comfortable and functional space design, consider installing your bed a little higher than other sections and creating extra space by designing a storage area beneath.

Try Storing the Bed

The bedroom can be the most annoying point in decorating your studio apartment. If the appearance of a bed in the middle of the house bothers you, you can consider hiding it. For example, a pop-up bed that can be hidden in a wardrobe will be a good choice to create extra space and create a more spacious environment when your guests arrive.

If you are looking for more examples of studio apartment decoration, you can also take a look at our gallery below.